EU Mobility Package full force into action

augustus 24th, 2022

Since February 2022 several new changes came into effect as a result of the EU Mobility Package. Some have less impact on how transport is managed, some more. Why are these important for the transport industry and should we all apply them. Read them all in the FREE Whitepaper EU Mobility Package you can download in the link below.

Driving and resting times

A 45-hour rest period, which was already banned, now confirmed by Mobility Package. Now it will be required to offer an assembly site with sanitary facilities paid by the employer. Additionally the driver may have two reduced rest periods one after the other. However, 2 normal rest periods should also be considered within 4 weeks. You should compensate for shortened rests by adding them to your normal weekly rest.

Jobs must be organized in such a way that a driver must be able to go back to his residence or to the location where the employer is located once every 3 or 4 weeks. Every 3 weeks when the driver got 2 shortened rests after each other and every 4 weeks when normal and shortened rests have been alternated.

We at Don Trucking enforce these rules as we think these changes have a positive effect on the profession of drivers. We hope all transport companies do the same.

Cabotage and combined transport

Cabotage regulation will remain max 3 transports in 7 days. Approved after loading before the international transport. All goods must be unloaded before cabotage is allowed. Additionally, a cooling off period of 4 days is added. With the same vehicle it is not allowed to accept a cabotage transport within 4 days in the same country.

Pre- and post carriage transport of combined transport in the same member state is also covered by the cabotage regime. However, member states can deviate from this rule. They have the liberty to either shorten or lengthen these periods.

FREE Whitepaper EU Mobility Package

There are still some holes to be fixed. We are not happy with all rules as some have a negative effect on sustainability and put unnecessary pressure on the truckers that are already in short supply. But we will enforce them anyway.

Combined Transportation
Unloaded when entry
Loaded when entry

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