New OTMS Transportial

April 6th, 2022

We are aiming to become first carbon neutral transport company in Europe in 2025 by using green technology and digitalization.
Hence we always want to make sure each trip is planned with the most care and with the emphasis on the efficiency.

Don Trucking decided to select Transportial, as it brings TMS a giant leap forward. Transportial is based on the open platform OTMS 5.1, which means it not only offers the newest and highest technical standard, it also gives the opportunity to keep the software on the newest technical level and offer new functionalities without expensive additional IT support. This new standard offers seamless integration with external data sources and is more stable as any competitor.

Transportial enables system administrators to configure all their transport management solutions in one user-friendly interface. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, Transportial enables Don Trucking to optimize service levels, reduce freight costs and automate processes so it can complete logistics operations faster. Also it reduces administrative efforts and increases efficiency to oversee real-time all fleet aspects –drivers, trucks. The TMS software measures financial results and controls them by managing cost calculation, billing and more, so that invoicing can be simple and straightforward.

Find out more about Transportial here