DON Trucking’s Letter of Intent for Iveco BEV

October 4th, 2023

Last week, during the inaugural day of the New Mobility Congress in Łódź, we had the honour of attending the first Polish presentation of electric IVECO Heavy Duty BEV semi-truck, conducted by our long-standing partner, Iveco.

During the event, the Managing Director of Don Trucking Poland, Dariusz Hejnicki, signed a Letter of Intent for the purchase of this electric truck!

Signing the letter of intent for the purchase of an electric truck is another step on our journey ‘Towards Carbon Neutral in 2025.’

This move is our way of emphasizing our commitment to decarbonizing heavy transportation in Europe and strengthening our collaboration with our key fleet supplier.

Currently, DON Trucking’s fleet includes 60 bio-LNG-powered trucks from a manufacturer based in Turin.

The key specifications of IVECO HD BEV include:

πŸ”΅ Range of up to 500 km;

πŸ”΅ Charging time (up to 80%) in just 90 minutes at 350 kW;

πŸ”΅ Permissible total weight of the set up to 44 tons;

πŸ”΅ Continuous power of e-Axle 480 kW / 645 HP;

πŸ”΅ Total battery capacity (9 units) of 738 kWh.

Towards carbon neutral in 2025

Lately, we shared updates on our electric truck trials in our publications. In interviews, both our driver and Executive expressed hesitance about widespread adoption of electric trucks. So, what led to the decision to purchase an electric truck?

Dariusz Hejnicki, the Managing Director of DON Trucking Poland stated:

Our company has long been committed to sustainable transportation and collaboration with Iveco. Currently, 2/3 of our fleet consists of white and green LNG-powered trucks. Thanks to our partnerships with suppliers offering biofuels derived from biodegradable waste, we actively reduce CO2 emissions and make a significant positive impact on the entire transportation industry. Even today.

Signing the agreement to purchase an electric truck is a step that further reinforces our message. We emphasize sustainability, and even though we believe that bio-LNG is the most effective way to actively reduce CO2 emissions on a mass scale, we don’t rule out other collaboration models.

Utilizing an electric truck in day-to-day international trucking poses significant challenges, but with Iveco HD BEV, we’ll be able to introduce a new product in our portfolio. Today, we encourage all logistics companies (especially from intermodal sector) seeking zero-emission journeys on established routes to get in touch with our company.”