About us

Who We Are

An introduction to DON Trucking. The name of the company stands for DOORSTART ORANGE NEUTRAL. “Doorstart” in Dutch means “continuing business”. As a Polish company with Dutch roots, it is important to mention that the establishment came a long way to become quite of the corporation that it is today.

We have started our journey with 75 employees and 52 trucks.

Currently our fleet consist of more than 110 trucks. We employ 235 drivers and 30 office workers.

Even though we are constantly expanding, we remain a company with family manners, providing room to grow and develop professionally. The main values that we stand for are innovation, flexibility, caring for people and sustainable and ecological development.

Over the last few challenging months, we continue to maintain safe, reliable, and flexible operations for our clients and employees who are the real capital of the company.


For You

We provide trucks, systems, and workforce to big as well as medium logistics companies across Europe at efficient costs with high standards. Our team makes sure the client is always informed about the current status of their shipment, as well as any potential problems regardless of their causes. With an open conversation and carrying for one another, our employees are able to develop tools needed in any type of situation and lift each other up in stressful situations.


As we look into the future, we remain committed to use the best possible solutions for our clients as well as to be as efficient and ecologically friendly as possible. Therefore, we use LNG powered trucks. The rest of our fleet meets EURO 6 norms.


Establishment of the company


Title of Business Chef 2016 awarded by the Institute of European Business


The first contract in Poland signed with IVECO Poland for 20 Stralises 460 HP powered by LNG


Don Trucking and AK Transport established joint venture, to connect China, Pakistan and Europe


Laureate of the Forbes List - 8th position in the Kuyavian Pomeranian voivodeship

Corporation with family manners

It is really important for us to make our clients feel safe and trust us with their goods. We also want to make sure that our team performs to the best of its abilities. Our office is full of inspiring artwork pieces that restore mental energy and reduce stress. Very often it also leads to many interesting discussions among employees.

At Don Trucking we do not shy away from supporting our team members in their everyday interests. We are encouraging a healthy lifestyle and participation in various activities. From triathlons to dart tournaments, Don Trucking is a company with family manners. Each employee is treated with great care and respect. We want people at Don Trucking to flourish and expand their interests as much as possible.