About us

Story Behind Don-Trucking

Introduction to Don Trucking. Don-Trucking began operations in 2010 with 75 employees and 52 trucks. Currently our fleet consist of 130 trucks and growing. We employ over 200 drivers and 30 office administrators.

We are a Polish company with Dutch roots. Even though we are constantly expanding, we remain a company with family manners, providing room to grow and develop professionally. The main values that we stand for are innovation, flexibility, caring for people and sustainable and ecological development. Also, in these challenging times we continue to maintain safe, reliable, and flexible operations for our clients and employees who are the real capital of the company.

But there is more. We are committed to become first carbon neutral transport company in Europe in 2025. We want to implement this ambitious goal by using more LNG trucks and by supporting local green initiatives. One of the main priorities we share is to use technology and digitalization to make the most out of every journey one truck takes. Being efficient is the vocal point of our daily operations.

Towards Carbon Neutral in 2025

Don-Trucking wants to be recognized in the industry as first leading carbon neutral transport company in Europe.

Our fleet currently consists of 20 LNG-powered trucks. We are planning onto expansion of the green fleet. This year we are increasing our lot by 40 new LNG trucks. We are choosing to move forward with such fleet because of its vast advantages for the environment. Our investment in new tractors is purely beneficial and also sets a good example for other companies on how they can contribute to reducing environmental impact. Ultimately, we would like our entire fleet to consist only of vehicles powered by LNG and bio-LNG.

Due to LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) being present hence fully available and renewable, LNG displays strong alternative to diesel fuel. In the sustainable market shift, we want to show other transport companies, they can also reduce or eliminate their emissions by changing to renewable fuel sources for long distance hauls. From all of the fuels natural gas is the cleanest, easier to store and transport. On top of it, the LNG fueling stations are quickly operated by the drivers. This in comparison to diesel. This is important as per DT values: we need to be on time, on site, assuredly.

Additionally, we have committed to forest preservation project with Ecobal. Ecobal is a company that helps consumers and businesses to understand, preserve and offset, their carbon footprint. We are extremely grateful to be the main sponsor of Ecobal’s European forests conservation project.

Don-Trucking is your green transport company. Our low-emission fleet will help you be at peace with your environmental goals. It increases your position against other companies as enterprises are more cautions or even exclude the possibility of participating in tenders of companies that are not environmentally friendly. This current trend could become an obligation over time since the EU focuses more and more to lower GHG emissions overall.

Why We Are Your Best Partner

At Don-Trucking we offer transport solutions at affordable prices.


We provide trucks, systems, and workforce to big as well as medium logistics companies across Europe with high standards. Our team fosters disciplined culture of safety, flexibility and care. Don-Trucking clients are always informed of the status of our trucks with their shipment as well as any potential problems regardless of their causes. 


Not only we provide you a service. We also assert trust. With an open conversation and carrying for one another, our employees are able to develop tools needed in any type of situation and accommodate clients’ needs. And we do this all as sustainable as possible.



Establishment of the company


Title of Business Chef 2016 awarded by the Institute of European Business


The first contract in Poland signed with IVECO Poland for 20 Stralises 460 HP powered by LNG


Don Trucking and AK Transport established joint venture, to connect China, Pakistan and Europe


Laureate of the Forbes List - 8th position in the Kuyavian Pomeranian voivodeship


Joint initiative with Ecobal - forest conservation project

Caring for People

It is really important for us to make our clients feel safe and trust us with their goods. We also want to make sure that our team performs to the best of its abilities. Our office is full of inspiring artwork pieces that restore mental energy and reduce stress. Very often it also leads to many interesting discussions among employees.

At Don-Trucking we do not shy away from supporting our team members in their everyday interests. We are encouraging a healthy lifestyle and participation in various activities. From triathlons to dart tournaments, Don-Trucking is a company with family manners. Each employee is treated with great care and respect. We want people at Don-Trucking to flourish and expand their interests as much as possible.