Integration with Portbase

July 24th, 2023

Integration & transparency: Another step towards digitalization and decarbonization

Digitalization of transportation processes is currently a very trendy topic. Why? The fragmentation in road transport is huge. There are numerous parties involved in each transport (shippers, logistics/transport companies, trucking companies, organizations, customs agencies, government agencies, ports, etc.). Each party wants and needs to be connected across the entire supply chain.

That’s why effective communication between all parties is extremely important here. However, not every transport company provides it, and very few companies can do it without generating a massive amount of unnecessary paperwork.

This is where the integration of transportation systems comes into play and plays a crucial role. Every company boasts modern transportation software, but how many of them actually have it?

At Don Trucking, we use dedicated software developed by Transportial. This software allows to integrate with any client system, shippers, marketplaces and port community systems.

Integration with Portbase

And it is in the past weeks that we have successfully integrated our transportation system with Portbase, which brings many benefits for managing container logistics from Dutch ports. This integration is a true breakthrough, eliminating the need for manual data entry into the Portbase portal and providing direct visibility and automatic updates of transport information.

Traditionally, data sharing processes between logistics companies, ports, and government authorities involved a large amount of paperwork, inconsistent systems, and delays.

However, thanks to the easy integration by using of the international reckognized ICT standard OpenTripModel ( provided by Transportial, connecting Don Trucking and Portbase, a common data exchange platform has been created, enabling smooth collaboration and operational optimization.

The key benefits resulting from the integration:

Improved efficiency: Eliminating manual data double-entry in separate systems (pre-announcing containers process) and the ability to share real-time information speeds up processes, reduces administrative burdens, and minimizes the risk of errors or misunderstandings. This makes transportation operations more efficient and timely, and reduces unnecessary paperwork. Integration with the Portbase system is a significant facilitation for transport planners.

Smooth collaboration: Automatically generated and adjusted TAR based on real time visibility. Don Trucking and Portbase can now smoothly exchange data, synchronize operations, and securely and standardized share information. This collaboration allows for smoother coordination between transport companies, ports, and other stakeholders, leading to faster handling times and improved overall supply chain efficiency. The Portbase system now sends container numbers, port/terminal designations, predicted operation times at the port, registration numbers, and ultimately confirmation and TAR codes directly to the system managed by dispatchers, allowing drivers to receive entry tickets due to updated pre-advice to the port more accurately.

Enhanced customer service: This integration enables real-time tracking of transport operations, providing Don Trucking clients with accurate and up-to-date information. Providing transparency which allows proactive communication, precise tracking, and swift problem-solving, improving the overall experience.

The introduction of this integration is a significant step towards optimizing container road transport from the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  

It is also another milestone in Don Trucking’s pursuit of digitalization perfection, and helps avoid empty kilometers and idle time which supports the road to carbon neutrality by 2025. The company is committed to modern and digitized container transport using sustainable Bio-LNG-powered vehicles, aligning with its vision of eco-friendly operations.

At first glance, this may not seem like a significant change, but if we look at the problem in the context of the scale of DON Trucking’s operations, transporting hundreds of containers daily, every unnecessary printed document and every unnecessary phone call made by a dispatcher creates significant operational improvements and CO2 emission savings, which are essential for our “Carbon Neutral until 2025” project. We will soon notify you of our company’s further achievements in this area.

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