Don Trucking becomes IVECO and Sustainability Ambassador 

January 30th, 2023

Don Trucking IVECO Ambassador. IVECO launches the “IVECO Ambassador” program also in Poland, giving voice to Customers and Business Partners and enthusiasts who share the brand’s values on various topics and appreciate their achievements. Due to the brand’s deep commitment to the decarbonisation of transport, special focus of the program is on the key areas such as sustainable transport, reduction of emissions and circular economy.

The first episode of the IVECO Ambassador series in Poland presents Don Trucking Sp. z o.o., a company which already in 2018, as the first company in Poland, invested in a fleet of vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and continues to develop a low-emission fleet, strengthening the mission of its business in terms of ecology.

– Of the 150 vehicles in our fleet, 60 are IVECO vehicles powered by LNG: we have 20 IVECO Stralis and 40 IVECO S-WAY. These vehicles give us a very good TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), a lot of good driving power for our business. Today, due to fuel prices, this type of propulsion can be a challenge, but it is an issue to be solved with our clients – said Don de Jong, the owner and founder of Don Trucking. – The reason why Don Trucking chose IVECO is that we share the same values. IVECO, like us, invests a lot in sustainable development and therefore clean transport. And that fits perfectly to our business. Our goal is the company’s carbon neutrality already in 2025 and IVECO vehicles are an important element of this process.

Don de Jong – Owner and founder of Don Trucking
Don Trucking

IVECO’s partnership with Don Trucking goes beyond the area of sales and service of the IVECO vehicle fleet. In 2021, IVECO Poland signed an agreement with Ecobal, a sister initiative of the company from Bydgoszcz, dealing with the preservation and expansion of forests in Europe. Under this agreement, IVECO leases 5 hectares of forest near Radzanów near Mława. It was there, on a plot of 1 ha, in April this year, IVECO Poland employees, together with Ecobal, planted 5,000 trees, thus expressing their multidimensional commitment to sustainability.

– Our cooperation with Ecobal and Don Trucking fits perfectly to IVECO’s strategy of sustainable development. Local actions aimed at neutralizing carbon dioxide emissions carried out by IVECO in many European countries, including Poland, are an vital part of the decarbonisation strategy and the brand’s net-zero emissions’ commitment by 2040 – said Daniel Wolszczak, General Director of IVECO Poland. – We are proud that Don Trucking has decided to participate in the “IVECO Ambassador” project. Don Trucking is an ambassador of LNG propulsion technology and IVECO business supporting solutions, and, above all, an important actor in the European transport industry, showing the direction of transport development and at the same time proposing effective ways to reduce pollution and neutralize carbon dioxide emission.

Daniel Wolszczak, General Director of IVECO Poland

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