1st Carbon Neutral Transport Company in Europe

To become first carbon neutral transport company in Europe is a challenge. However we know it is important not only for us but for our clients.

Change into low emission fleet means less pollutants in the air and lower carbon footprint which for all of us. This means healthier a future. Clients also benefit from our improved logistics as well as sophisticated and integrated digital operating system. That is how the journey that one truck takes is the most efficient. Running an environmentally friendly operations help us reduce our own impact on the planet. With good habits we improve company’s sustainability even more.

LNG Trucks

We currently have 20 LNG – powered trucks Stralis 460 hp and additional 40 trucks S-WAY 460 hp.

LNG technology consist in cooling natural gas down to -162°C and keeping it at this temperature using a special cryogenic tank. Don-Trucking is expanding to low-emission fleet and this year we expect to double up on LNG fueled trucks. This type of solution is what we are aiming for and want to build our future using innovative and accessible concepts. The heavy transport industry is inevitably moving towards zero-emissivity. It is influenced by the activities of companies (including entering an ecological drive as a condition in the tender), the policies of the EU and European governments which aim is to fight climate change. Moreover, development of new technologies and eco-friendly solutions within the industry grew tremendously.

High demand and knowledge of sustainable solutions stresses the potential of renewable energy sources and attracts tractor manufacturers to producing sophisticated trucks. Many European countries are encouraging carriers to use cleaner denouement by reducing or eliminating road charges altogether. Transport companies traveling with an LNG fleet in Germany are exempt from Maut. On the other hand, in northern Italy, the eco-fleet can count on a 30% discount. Waiver of these type of fees produce significant savings considering frequent trips in that direction.

Our fleet is constantly growing therefore we expect more LNG trucks very soon.

The rest of our fleet consist of over 110 EURO 6 trucks from: IVECO, MAN, VOLVO and DAF & chassis Krone for containers.

Multimodal fit 20″/30″/40″/45″


Drivers are vital in our business and simply without them, our operation wouldn’t be possible. We are immensely grateful and proud of our truck drivers.

As our company is very innovative and strives for the best in ecology and transport areas, drivers have training sessions in order to make sure they understand and feel comfortable with the new elements that are being introduced.

Don-Trucking focuses on great communication skills, which is why our drivers are very quick-witted. They are resilient and should they find themselves in a difficult situation, our fleet and dispatchers departments are always ready to help.