Experienced drivers with communicative Polish and English language.


Good English communication skills, work under pressure.

Office administrators

Various positions in the company such as: Accounting, HR, IT.

What matters to us?

Personal Development:

At Don-Trucking we do not shy away from supporting our team members in their everyday interests. We are a company with family manners, so we want you to work in a friendly atmosphere and spread your wings.

We encourage a healthy lifestyle (but we do allow cheat days – we have sweet Fridays) and participation in various activities. Whether you play darts, guitar, or take part in triathlons, we want you to have fun and enjoy your time at work as well as after work.

Open Conversation

We have the best atmosphere in the world and to keep it that way, we practice open communication throughout the team.

Thanks to the non-hierarchical structure, we develop a more direct contact, which is vital to our daily operation at work. Everyone can have a bad day, but we also try to adjust it by solving the problem, and together nothing is impossible.

What we have to offer?

Looking for a job as a driver?

If you have:
▪️ good communication skills
▪️ speak English and Polish
▪️ have a great personal approach
▪️ doing well under the pressure

We are looking for you and you are looking for us!

If interested to work for an international company, want to work on the newest trucks and systems – contact us today and e-mail your CV to