Another step forward for SAMSKIP towards sustainable transport solutions with Don Trucking LNG trucks

December 15th, 2021

Samskip adds 5 LNG – powered trucks to its daily operations via Don Trucking low – emission fleet. With this it pushes to reach 30% of their sustainable transport solutions in LNG. For both companies, it is a step closer to achieving environmental goals. They want to become an example of companies associating themselves to actively participate in leaving a better place for the next generation.

Samskip considers sustainability to be one of the fundamental values that each transport company should consider. Hence partnering up with Don Trucking. Its aim is to become the first carbon neutral transport company in Europe in 2025. For both companies, it is another step closer in meeting their environmental goals. They set an example for other logistics firms in the fight for the greener future within the industry. 

Don Trucking LNG Truck with SAMSKIP Trailer

Samskip aims for sustainability

Currently Don Trucking has 60 LNG – powered trucks in its fleet. And all of them are in use every day. Don Trucking was the first company in Poland to receive 20 LNG – powered tractors back in 2018. This year, they have added additional 40. “The infrastructure has changed. We have a long way to go but it has improved significantly. Even with current fuel prices we firmly believe in LNG as the next generation fuel for long haul road transport. We have more LNG refueling stations in Europe and companies are not scared to invest in LNG trucks anymore. On the contrary, society’s environmental awareness is becoming higher. We expect big changes within the industry in 2022” says Dariusz Hejnicki, board member of Don Trucking.  

“Don Trucking’s ecological approach and strategy is highly praised and suits within SAMSKIP environmental goals,” Says Frédéric Leca, Chief Operating Officer at Samskip. “It works both ways – for us as a company and for our clients – as their own carbon footprint is getting reduced at the same time as ours. It is vital to bring awareness to the members of the society and responsibly consider the choices of your suppliers and contractors.”

Samskip and Don Trucking both support other ecological initiatives. Along with Ecobal, a company that supports forest revitalization across Europe. The companies are working on lessen their carbon footprint. And restore biodiversity highly affected by recent climate changes.