24 New Volvo FH 500 

April 13th, 2022

Don Trucking ordered 24 new Volvo from Volvo Trucks dealer Paashuis Bedrijfswagens, for the transport of containers from the port of Rotterdam to the rest of Europe. The order went smoothly, the trucks arrived at the Volvo Trucks factory and were ready for delivery. 

At the moment of delivery the Volvo trucks, the war broke out in Ukraine. As a Polish-Dutch company with a high number of Ukrainian drivers, this was hard for Don Trucking. This meant an exceptionally good collaboration between Don Trucking and Paashuis Bedrijfswagens to deliver 24 new Volvo trucks to everyone’s satisfaction. And that brings us to this chapter.

Don Trucking

Don-Trucking has many years of experience as a transport company and provides its customers with manpower and trucks. In doing so, they take efficiency into account by using advanced route planning systems.

Don Trucking is a Polish company with Dutch roots. A company that continues to grow but is and will be a family business. Don Trucking’s values are innovative, flexible, and sustainable. This is also apparent from the green initiatives they support, family traditions and the diversity among drivers and office employees.

To support Don Trucking’s growth, it is time for a couple of new trucks, namely 24 new Volvo trucks, along with the Long-Haul Fuel package, which includes I-see and I-cruise fleet software.

Specifications of these Volvo’s FH 500 hp

Don-Trucking has a low-emission fleet that consists of LNG-powered trucks and diesel trucks. Each one of these complies with the EURO 6 standard. Don Trucking chose the Volvo Fuel Hero for this delivery to ensure low emissions diesel truck compliance. These trucks combine the new D13 engine with enhanced fuel-saving features. This reduces fuel costs by up to 7% without compromising driveability. This is due to the Long-Haul Fuel package which includes I-see and I-cruise fleet software. Don-Trucking also opted for a Driver package in the Globetrotter XL cab.

A different delivery as usual

Don Trucking employs many foreign drivers, including many drivers from Ukraine. When the war broke out, about 50 Ukrainian truck drivers joined the Ukrainian army to defend their country or to ensure the safety of their families. This had huge consequences and was a huge blow to Don-Trucking.

Don Trucking will now start using the trucks in phases, until the complete delivery of 24 trucks at the end of April.